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Seven Exciting Ways to Use Acai Every Day

Blog_acaiAcai berries are one of the most potent botanical medicines on earth. In fact, this fruit is rightly called a superfood. Each little berry is packed with essential nutrients, beneficial antioxidants, and other helpful substances. This fruit is rich in B vitamins, which help reduce painful inflammation and promote improved physical stamina. Acai can be used for all kinds of helpful purposes and best of all, it is very easy to integrate into your daily life.

Seven Different Ways to Enjoy Acai Berries

Healthy foods like acai berries are easy to integrate into your lifestyle. Just opting for healthy products that contain this superfood is a great place to start. Here are some specific ideas to try out at home:

1. Make a smoothie with juice. Smoothies are excellent sources of vitamins and minerals; many people enjoy having them for breakfast because this substantial beverage can provide a boost of energy first thing in the morning. Place one cup of good quality acai berry juice into a blender along with a banana, a handful of blueberries, a few strawberries or peaches, and a splash of dairy or non-dairy milk. A few ice cubes will make this smoothie an excellent summer treat. Blend all the ingredients together and enjoy right away.

2. Experiment with acai berry powder in smoothies instead of the juice. Powder is concentrated and easy to use; it has a long shelf life and can be more affordable than fresh juice. A teaspoon or two of powder can be added to pancake mix, sweet bread dough, or muffins for a boost of antioxidant goodness and exotic fruit flavor.

3. Add a splash of acai juice to your homemade juice preparations. Freshly made fruit and vegetable juices offer loads of nutrients and can be enjoyed throughout the year. Though North American consumers are unlikely to find fresh acai berries stocked by their local grocer, good quality juice is easy to come by. Add a cup or so of bottled juice to the juice you make at home. You can significantly improve the nutritional profile of your favorite juice without spending a lot of extra money. Acai has a great refreshing taste, too.

4. Consider adding acai berry extract or nutritional supplements to your weight loss routine. Studies suggest that acai can promote weight loss and help you keep the weight off. Taking these supplements once or twice a day can really jumpstart your weight loss program while providing you with all the nutrients you need for stamina during exercise.

5. You can promote healthy digestion by taking an acai supplement. Acai berries are a naturally rich source of dietary fiber, a necessary nutrient that also helps promote healthy digestion. These supplements can also help keep the body free from toxins that interfere with the digestion process.

6. Since acai berries are an excellent source of energy, try to time your daily dose to occur around periods when extra energy is required. Do you need a boost to attack that morning run? Does the after-lunch slump make you want to reach for some more coffee? Do you feel run down after work? Try drinking some acai juice and see how you feel. The rich array of vitamins will have you feeling better in no time.

7. Try using skin care products that contain acai berry extract. This fruit’s natural antioxidant content helps promote fresh, healthy skin and full-body radiance. Lotions, cleansers, moisturizers, and toners with this extract can work wonders. If you are taking acai capsules or tablets, you may also see skin improvements as the nutrients go to work on your skin from the inside.

Many Different Forms

Because acai is so popular, it is possible to find it in a number of different forms. Acai liquid extract or high quality powders are easily purchased from reputable health food stores and other sources of natural medical products. You can also look for prepared tablets and capsules that contain acai. This fruit is frequently combined with other health-promoting ingredients to deliver a wide spectrum of benefits. And finally, you can often find acai juice in commercial beverages, prepared food products, snacks, and salads. A single trip to the grocery store or health food store will offer you numerous ways to enjoy acai.

The PurMEDICA team invites you to explore the rich possibilities of acai berries, acai extract, and acai supplements. This tiny fruit has really earned the title of superfood.