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1 Bottle = 30 Day Supply

  • Supports Healthy Thyroid Hormone Metabolism*
  • Promotes Healthy Antioxident Levels*
  • Promotes Healthy Thyroid Function*

Hypitrol is formulated to improve the low function of the thyroid gland, which helps control the body’s metabolism and energy. A healthy thyroid ensures a healthy metabolic rate and helps generate the energy we need for our demanding lifestyles. It is a combination 10 vitamins and minerals with 5 natural products designed to promote healthy thyroid function. The essential nutrients within Hypitrol aid metabolic and immune system function. Only the purest natural ingredients are utilized in the manufacture of our product.


Hypitrols Ingredients



Thyroid hormone plays a role in the conversion of beta-carotene to vitamin A. It is common for people with low thyroid to be deficient in vitamin A.*



Vitamin C assists the production of thyroid hormones, stimulates the adrenals which are key thyroid allies, and helps with the metabolism of the amino acid typtophan, which forms part of thyroid hormone.*



Vitamin D is crucial for the final metabolic step, which takes place at the site where thyroid hormone actually works, inside the nucleus of the cell. Vitamin D needs to be present at sufficient levels in the cell in order for the thyroid hormone to affect that cell.*



A Vitamin B6 deficiency can make your immune system more prone to attack your thyroid gland. Vitamin B6 improves insulin and leptin efficiency, which help with weight loss.*



Folic acid, is an essential B vitamin that is needed for the proper formation of red blood cells and their division and DNA synthesis. This vitamin shares an important, but somewhat indirect relationship with low thyroid function. If you have this condition and are not getting adequate folate in your diet, you could be at increased risk for heart disease.*



An essential element that enables the thyroid gland to produce thyroid hormones. Three iodine molecules are added to make T3 and T4 the two key hormones produced by the thyroid gland, iodine is essential to the production of these two hormones of the master gland of metabolism. The body needs the proper amount of iodine for optimal thyroid function.*



Selenium is a component of the enzyme that helps convert T4 to T3. Deficiencies of selenium may impair thyroid function. Selenium supplementation has a significant impact on inflammatory activity in thyroid-specific autoimmune disease, and reducing inflammation may limit damage to thyroid tissue.*



Without the presence of Zinc the thyroid gland cannot transform the inactive hormone T4 into the active hormone T3. Along with signaling the pituitary gland to activate the thyroid. Zinc also plays a role in promoting the activity of the thyroid receptors located in the body.*



Magnesium is an essential cofactor for calcitonin, which is produced by the thyroid gland. When released this reduces calcium levels in the blood.*



Copper works with zinc to help produce hormones. An imbalance of copper and zinc in the body can affect thyroid health.*



The thyroid gland combines tyrosine and iodine to make thyroid hormone. Without the presence of Tyrosine the thyroid becomes under active.*



Gugulipids work by supporting healthy liver function, which is the main site of thyroid hormone activation.*



Bacopin has a stimulatory effect on thyroid function, specifically T4 and the glandular level.*



Ashwagandharoot extracts have the ability to stimulate thyroid hormones, providing relief from symptoms of low thyroid function, most notably chronic fatigue and decreased sexual libido.*


Suggested Use: Adults take two (2) vegetarian capsules daily at mealtime, or as directed by a health care professional. Store in a cool, dry place and away from direct light.


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36 reviews for Hypitrol

  1. Caitlyn Haitaian

    This product seems to be working well. No known side effects. Thanks

  2. Caitlyn Haitaian

    I’ve tried others but came right back to hypitrol. For the first time my hair and nails are growing and look healthy. Won’t change again

  3. Caitlyn Haitaian

    I have almost finished my bottle and this has helped balance my Thyroid out tremendously. My doctor recommended these. I feel so much better and will continue to take them. They contain great supplements that we all should be taking anyway!

  4. Caitlyn Haitaian

    This product is really helpful in releaving the symptoms that I was experiencing as an uneasy trembling inside accompanied by tremors in my legs. Thank you.

  5. Caitlyn Haitaian

    I have finally found a thyroid product that helps me. Thank you. I’ve only been taking it a few weeks, but it already has increased my energy level, swelling in legs has gone down, and I am breathing better. I’m hoping my health will continue to improve the longer I am on it

  6. Caitlyn Haitaian

    Product received on time. I have been using about 1 week and can feel the difference. I am low Thyroid without medication so this has been a big improvement. Would buy again.

  7. Caitlyn Haitaian

    I just ordered my second bottle. I am noticing a nice subtle change in my body. A more balanced energy. I’m very happy with this change in such a short amount of time.

  8. Caitlyn Haitaian

    Great. Stuff. I felt better immediately. No side effects for me.

  9. Caitlyn Haitaian

    Saw absolutely no difference…but customer service was very helpful and provided me with a full refund.

  10. Caitlyn Haitaian

    Gives lots of energy but it did make me a little nauseous the first week.

  11. Caitlyn Haitaian

    It made me sick to my stomach and nothing bothers my stomach just one of the ingredients must be……….

  12. Caitlyn Haitaian

    Although I have only been taking this for a few weeks all my symptoms have gone. It maybe too early to tell but I’m hopeful! I had seen my dr. Before about major fatigue spells and she brushed it off saying low vitimin D. Then saw her again for hives that wouldn’t go away so she sent me to an allergist which he did the blood work and came back as Thyroid disease but I only found that out after calling since they didn’t notify me and I only got to talk to the nurse. She said it was low enough to be thyroid disease but don’t need medication and to check back with him in 4-6 week. But I wasn’t happy with that. Still had my hives, fatigued, constipated, and my arthritis in my neck was acting up. A friend told me to try natural over the counter meds and so I did my research and just after a few weeks my symptoms are gone! I’m hoping my next lab work will show better results and be able to keep it at bay with Hypitrol! I highly recommend this to try if you have low thyroid!

  13. Caitlyn Haitaian

    I am 27 years old and have always had a hard time losing weight no matter how hard I try. Since starting this supplement in November, I have lose 21 lbs with a healthy diet and exercise!

  14. Caitlyn Haitaian

    Everything was perfect. I have ordered this for a second time now. There was a lapse in my ordering again and I was back to feeling tired and sluggish. I will not let that happen again.

  15. Caitlyn Haitaian

    I have been taking this for 3 weeks and I see a difference and feel a difference. The swelling in my legs and in my feet reduced in the first week, the pain in the soles of my feet has almost gone, joint pain improved and the lower back pain has almost gone! I absolutely would tell anyone with unresolved Hypothyroid issues to give it a try. My last visit to my Doctor and being told my levels were “Normal ” made me look for something because I came out of the office and cried all the way home. I showed her my puffy swollen legs feet and ankles and told her I didn’t care what the tests said, this not a normal way to feel! Am I the only patient (good term! ) of that office that feels as helpless? I don’t think so. Most thyroid patients are on their own when it comes to treatment. I highly recommend this product. Oh and the best thing, I lost 4lb’s

  16. Caitlyn Haitaian

    Thanks to hypitrol. My daughter ‘s irritability is gone. She does not complain of being cold even in warm temp. . No foggy mind and concentration improves.

  17. Caitlyn Haitaian

    Too early for an evaluation.

  18. Caitlyn Haitaian

    I absolutely love this product. It does cost a little bit more than I paid for the Levothyroxin I was buying. However it is a natural alterative to the medication I was getting

  19. Caitlyn Haitaian

    I can’t really give a good or bad review yet. First week made me feel kind of strange but kept taking to see if it would continue. Feeling went away but haven’t really noticed any difference yet in anything as far as energy level or other issues I have. Will review later after I have taken for a longer period of time.

  20. Caitlyn Haitaian

    I have waited until I started my third bottle of Hypitrol, wanted to be sure that what I think has worked, really did, I find that my energy level has risen significantly, sometimes I just get into a cleaning frenzy and start cleaning everything. Also, I’m a young 70 something, and long ago my eyebrows went by the wayside, happy to tell you that they are coming back, my metabolism has also benefited, and strange but true, my appetite is diminished. Frankly, I’m amazed that I found a supplement that apparently my body really wanted. Best wishes, Vivian

  21. Caitlyn Haitaian

    I have finally found a thyroid product that helps me. Thank you. I’ve only been taking it a few weeks, but it already has increased my energy level, swelling in legs has gone down, and I am breathing better. I’m hoping my health will continue to improve the longer I am on it.

  22. Caitlyn Haitaian

    Hello, I have been on Thyroid medicine since the early 1980’s. The past several years my primary physician has reduced my meds so that my blood work in the the normal range. Works for the blood work however, now I do not feel 100%.
    Since I started taking Hypitrol several months ago, I do find that I NOW have more energy and my focus has improved. I’m still taking my thyroid medicine and I will continue with Hypitrol.

  23. Caitlyn Haitaian

    So far wonderful Thank you

  24. Caitlyn Haitaian

    I don’t have an opinion yet. I have to have a lab test to see

  25. Caitlyn Haitaian

    It took a bit to get started … But paired with carb monitoring, for the first time, I’ve lost 17 lbs. I’m hopin for 3-4 more this month of November. Now I’m on a mission. I’m losing slowly over a period of about 3-4 months now, but feel wonderful most days. Just the fact that weight is coming off. And I’ve tried it all…weight watchers (I gained 12lbs), Jenny Craig after 6 months and exercise daily…not one pound lost. Nutrisystem, just can’t afford it and the food no longer tastes good. Carefully watching calories…no change. Carefully watching carbs only very little change. So I took a quiz on webmd that pointed me to Hypitrol. Am I ever glad I tried it out. I did lose faith in it at first because after 3 weeks…nothing. So I tried another product…even less. I went back to Hypitrol and realize we are a team. Thank you Hypitrol.

  26. Caitlyn Haitaian


  27. Caitlyn Haitaian

    This product really has helped me like most customers I expected results immediately but they did say try for 30 days which is what I did and it really works for me so since than I’ve re ordered three times and I’m currently on auto ship I was leary at first due to the fact the product had no reviews when I first ordered so I took a chance well worth it

  28. Caitlyn Haitaian

    My anxiety and being unfocused has diminished considerably. I am feeling a big difference in my energy and my sleep patterns have improved. I would wake up every two hours and now I am sleeping a full six hours in a row, and if and when I wake up I can fall back asleep to get a good 8 hours. I am waking up with more energy. The weight is coming off slowly but I need to walk more. I also had my tonsils removed in December and I know this surgery can cause weight gain. Love your product, it is a life saver!! (Posted on 17/05/2016)

  29. Caitlyn Haitaian

    I’m 30 years old and I haven’t had a cycle in 3 years an I took this product for 4 days an I had one I have a lot more energy an I have lost some weight. I will be ordering this week (Posted on 19/04/2016)

  30. Caitlyn Haitaian

    When my doctor diagnosed me with inactive thyroid (hypo-thyroidism), i was put on Synthroid 50mg/day and i was told that it would be a medication to be taken for the rest of my life. I didn’t like the sound of it and i definitely didn’t want to hooked on something for the rest of my life. I looked up on the web for highly effective thyroid supplements to augment my thyroid function and I chanced upon Puremedica’s Hypitrol and started taking 2 capsules per day. I ditched the Synthroid and just placed complete faith on Hypitrol. I got my blood work (T3,T4 & TSH) done after 4 months and was amazed to find my levels back to normal (T3=4.7pmol/L, T4=14.1pmol/L and TSH=3.1mU/L). I continue taking this supplement not only because of its superior performance, but also because of the company’s willingness to take care of me by offering the product in vegetarian capsules. (Posted on 18/04/2016)

  31. Caitlyn Haitaian

    I was diagnosed with an under active Thyroid earlier this year & as a consequence was told I would have to take medication for the rest of my life. As I believe in alternative therapies I started to research for a natural solution. I came across your Hypitrol product, after investigating I decided to give it a try. To my amazement within 48 hours I started to feel so much better, I continued with the supplement for a further 6 weeks before having my blood work checked again to be told by a very amazed doctor that it was now within the normal levels. I have this supplement on a repeat order, as do many I have referred to you.
    A highly professional service, they contact you prior to shipping to confirm you still require the vitamins and the money is only debited from your account once your supplements have been shipped.
    I can’t recommend this enough; in fact I am going to research further to see if they also stock an alternative to HRT.
    Thank you Purmedica (Posted on 24/03/2016)

  32. Caitlyn Haitaian

    I went for hormone replacement therapy for a year and it did not help me. The ONLY thing it did was make my voice deeper and grow a mustache. Being female this is a NO NO!

    I was looking for something else to help me with my hormones changing. Blood work from my regular doctor showed my thyroid not working properly. Since hormone therapy didn’t work for me I went in search for something else and found this. So far I have taken it for 6 months and it has done very well for me and I am still taking it. Although I take it with OTC Estroven. The combination is perfect for me at this time. (Posted on 19/02/2016)

  33. Caitlyn Haitaian

    the info about Hypitrol was good as we are trying to get off of medications and go natural as much as possible. (Posted on 18/02/2016)

  34. Caitlyn Haitaian

    Hypitrol has indeed been a blessing for me. A double blessing, because there is no side effects!!! I am only on my second bottle of Hypitrol and am thrilled I surely hope that it will also work for you. (Posted on 29/01/2016)

  35. Caitlyn Haitaian

    I use Hypitrol daily and couldn’t be more pleased with this product. I’m always on the go and can’t afford to be slowed down by my hypothyroid. As long as I’m taking my daily dosage I can rest assured that I won’t have another issue. I’ve already told two of my coworkers who suffer from a hypothyroid about your product. They just started taking it and are already feeling a difference. (Posted on 27/01/2016)

  36. Caitlyn Haitaian

    I find the product is good and is definitely helping me, in that my hair isn’t falling out as much and I have more energy some of the time. Although as a pensioner I find it rather expensive. I do not want to take drugs or any chemical products from the doctor. (Posted on 23/11/2015)

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