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One Bottle = 30 Day Supply

Systolex is a dietary supplement formulated to help provide daily nutritional support for a healthy blood pressure. The optimized and improved formula contains 7 natural ingredients combined to support a healthy heart.

  • Promotes healthy heart muscle function*
  • Supports healthy blood flow*
  • Maintain healthy Blood Pressure Levels*
  • All Natural Blend
  • Manufactured in a FDA inspected facility in the USA

Blood pressure treatment systolex

Systolex is a dietary supplement formulated to help provide daily nutritional support for a healthy blood pressure. The optimized and improved formula contains 7 natural ingredients combined to support a healthy heart. Systolex is manufactured with highest standards, guaranteeing the most potent and pure natural ingredients.

Systolex is known to help promote healthy heart muscle function*, Support healthy blood flow*, help maintain healthy Blood Pressure Levels.* It is a Dietary supplement that has been Manufactured in an FDA inspected facility in the USA so our customers can ensure it’s safety, potency and quality.

Customers combine Systolex with CoQ10 to improve and maintain overall cardiovascular health!


olive leaf

Olive Leaf Extract:

Oleuropein, a compound found in high concentration in the olive leaf, has been shown to favorably modulate high blood pressure’s core mechanism: arterial resistance or stiffness. Studies have shown that Olive Leaf has similar effects as ACE inhibitors.*

Celery Seed Extract

Celery Seed extract has potent calcium channel blocking properties, that allows the body to better control the movement of calcium in and out of blood vessels. Combining Olive Leaf and Celery Seed Extract clinical studies have demonstrated that together both extracts are able to safely lower blood pressure.*


Hawthorn Extract

Hawthorn has been used to inhibit heart disease as far back as the 1st century. It can help improve the amount of blood pumped out of the heart during contractions, widen the blood vessels, and increase the transmission of nerve signals.*



Taurine has been very successfully used to manage high blood pressure. When excessive fluid is normalized, blood pressure becomes normalized. Taurine functions to dampen the sympathetic nervous system, thereby relieving arterial spasm. When blood vessels relax, the body’s blood pressure will fall.*



Calcium helps blood vessels contract and expand, along with assisting the body’s nervous system in communicating with cells. If the calcium in your body is too low it will take calcium from your bones to achieve these tasks.*



Magnesium is the fourth most abundant mineral in your body and is respons- ible for the function of over 350 enzymes in your body, including the relaxation of blood vessels, dissolve blood clots, dramatically lessen the site of injury and arrhythmia, and act as an antioxidant against the free radicals forming at the site of injury. Doctors have been prescribing magnesium for heart disease since the 1930s.*

Coleus Forskohlii

Coleus Forskohlii

Coleus Forskohlii has traditionally been used in Asian medicine for heart conditions. Forskolin is the substance within the plant considered most useful.*

Suggested Usage:

As a dietary supplement, adults take three (3) tablets daily, or as directed by a health professional. Store in a cool, dry place and away from direct sunlight.

Other Ingredients: Dicalcium phosphate, magnesium stearate, cellulos, vegetable stearin and silica.

Warning: As with any dietary supplement, consult your physician prior to use. Keep out of the reach of children.

Contains No Added sugar, salt, dairy, yeast, wheat, corn, sory, preservatives, artificial colors or flavors.

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35 reviews for Systolex

  1. Caitlyn Haitaian

    Over a month my BP has dropped from 199/107 to 165/80! Along with this product, I have also taken mega doses of raw garlic, Ceyenne pepper, hawthorn berry tincture, one baby aspirin a day, I stopped drinking coffee (cold turkey) and have been exercising daily. My walking workouts with Leslie Sansone are up to 55 minutes a day, and feeling so much better! (Posted on 01/01/2017)

  2. Caitlyn Haitaian

    Before using Systolex my BP was always borderline high(140-150 over 90-105) my doctor was always warning me that I would have to go on BP medication if I was not able to get it down. Through diet and moderate exercise I was able to keep it low enough to stay off the meds but never was below 135 over 90. Then I tried Systolex. After using this product for two weeks as prescribed(3 tablets in the am), my BP was under 125 over 85, consistently. I have been taking it now for about 2.5 months and I am even seeing days when I can get reading as low as 117 over 75! that is truly amazing for me. I will always be a user of Systolex! (Posted on 17/12/2016)

  3. Caitlyn Haitaian

    This really helped my blood pressure. Its safe and does what it says it will do . Give it a try.
    The only issue I have is the product is very expensive. (Posted on 14/12/2016)

  4. Caitlyn Haitaian

    Great efficacy but high price (Posted on 01/12/2016)

  5. Caitlyn Haitaian

    Controls my blood pressure with, for me at least, no side effects whatsoever. Thank you Systolex. (Posted on 15/09/2016)

  6. Caitlyn Haitaian

    I’ve only been taking for 2 weeks, but wow. My blood pressure has dropped, and I have a sense of well being, and a more calm outlook on life! Fantastic, will keep taking and update you all 🙂 (Posted on 24/07/2016)

  7. Caitlyn Haitaian

    Is the best blood pressure supplement I ever used only comment I have is the price a bit high. (Posted on 11/07/2016)

  8. Caitlyn Haitaian

    Very good meets and exceeds all my expectations (Posted on 03/07/2016)

  9. Caitlyn Haitaian

    I ordered this product and was amazed. It actually works I feel so much better. I went to check my blood pressure and it was normal. Please try it !!! (Posted on 17/06/2016)

  10. Caitlyn Haitaian

    This is the second type of supplement I’ve tried to lower my blood pressure. & must say I’m truly impressed its only been 2 weeks but I’m feeling great, no more headaches! Went from 189/95 to 145/85! So its working well! (Posted on 06/06/2016)

  11. Caitlyn Haitaian

    I have been on blood pressure medication for over 10 years. Recently, my blood pressure began to go up. I did not want to take more medication so decided to try this. I am happy to say that my systolic blood pressure was reduced by 15 points and the diastolic by 5 points. Previously it had been 136/80. I showed this to my doctor who said “If it works keep taking it.” I am very happy with this product. (Posted on 24/05/2016)

  12. Caitlyn Haitaian

    Have only been taking Systolex a few days. Had to go to a medical clinic yesterday and I have been off my prescription blood medication several weeks and to my surprise my blood pressure was down from my last visit. I will continue with Systolex until my next visit and I will then see how it is working. If a difference, I will continue with Systolex

  13. Caitlyn Haitaian

    Received my product in timely fashion. Thank you so much! Very satisfied customer 😉 (Posted on 07/04/2016)

  14. Caitlyn Haitaian

    Yesterday I went to rite aid pharmacy store and checked my blood pressure machine and so AMAZING, it went to normal 111/70 ! I am going stay continue with it! And I Recommend take this product? Thank you so much for making this product! (Posted on 02/04/2016)

  15. Caitlyn Haitaian

    It has lowered my blood pressure slightly. I was around 170/105. It is now around 165.98. I will keep using it for a bit to see if it lowers my blood pressure anymore or not. (Posted on 31/03/2016)

  16. Caitlyn Haitaian

    At first was high BP! Then I took systolex and few weeks later my BP went down to normal wow a MN azing I am so happy! Now my next appt on March 21 St see Dr find out BP ? Will tell you ? Amazing ! I highly recommend! (Posted on 28/02/2016)

  17. Caitlyn Haitaian

    This really didn’t do it for me. Trying to lower my systolic reading but it’s not happening. It came down a little for a few days and then went right back up! Glad it’s working for others though!

  18. Caitlyn Haitaian

    Systolex has lowered my high blood pressure back to normal! Thank you for having this product available over the counter/mal order and with all natural ingredients. (Posted on 25/02/2016)

  19. Caitlyn Haitaian

    I recommend this product it arrived in 24 hours from the order time. So far my blood pressure has been lowered. This is a fact it works for me. (Posted on 25/02/2016)

  20. Caitlyn Haitaian

    Works good, if you dont want to be on prescription meds

  21. Caitlyn Haitaian

    i was looking for something that can help me with my blood pressure but i wanted something Natural not Chemicals. and i found this place and so far so good this is my first week but i can tell i don’t feel as tired like i was feeling and that was something new to me i never felt like that before. but high blood pressure runs in the family (Posted on 18/02/2016)

  22. Caitlyn Haitaian

    Initially, it worked. Are there specific times when this product should be take? (Posted on 02/02/2016)

  23. Caitlyn Haitaian

    Wonderful product. My blood pressure dropped 15 points in one month, with no after effect. I highly recommend this those who have had adverse reactions to prescription medications (Posted on 31/01/2016)

  24. Caitlyn Haitaian

    I Have been taking your product for about a month now and my blood pressure has dropped about 20-25 pts!
    Amazing thank you. (Posted on 29/01/2016)

  25. Caitlyn Haitaian

    I was having high readings over 145/90 and I needed to do something to get my blood pressure numbers down. My friend referred me to you website and I thought that I would give it a try and with your money back guarantee how could I not. My blood pressure numbers have normalized and I have so much more energy now. Thank you! (Posted on 02/11/2015)

  26. Caitlyn Haitaian

    Hypochondriac hubs purchased. Noticed he is not taking anymore. I believe many items in this category are mind over matter and the only things that can truly change your blood pressure for the better are proper diet and exercise!

  27. Caitlyn Haitaian

    Did not work for me.

  28. Caitlyn Haitaian

    I finally found a alternative medication / dietary supplement that works for me and my high BP.

  29. Caitlyn Haitaian

    This supplement is amazing! I had run out of my prescription for BP and couldn’t get hold of my new doctor. So, I ordered Systolix by PurMEDICA and am so happy with the results. I will certainly reorder this product and highly recommend it to anyone with moderately high blood pressure.

  30. Caitlyn Haitaian

    At 45 I was placed on an rx med for blood pressure (hereditary in my case, I exercise and do not have a weight issue). Within 4 months I was losing hair. (Side effect of the prescription). I tried systolex looking for anything other than a prescription drug. It has worked fantastic. BP is normal and I’m not losing hair! Amen. Love this product.

  31. Caitlyn Haitaian

    packaged arrived on time and very pleased with product. believe it is helping by BP , no side effects – easy to swallow tabket- plan on ordering agai.

  32. Caitlyn Haitaian

    I never had high blood pressure before but within the last few years, its been climbing to dangerous levels. I wanted to find a natural way to lower my pressure. I’m so thrilled with Systolex!! Its only been 6 days and my pressure has lowered substantially. Its amazing!!!!

  33. Caitlyn Haitaian

    This seems to work for me. My blood pressure was in the 150’s and 160’s. My Dr. put me on Lisinopril (which shut down my entire digestive system and then Losartan which made me itch so bad I thought I had mites. My Dr. thought I was nuts. Neither helped bring my blood pressure down. After taking this supplement my blood pressure is now 139/72. Everyone is different, but this seems to work for me. I am also a celiac so I appreciate it is gluten-free. Two negatives (reason for 4 stars) pills are large and not easy to swallow, and very expensive. Still better than those bad drugs!

  34. Caitlyn Haitaian

    My blood pressure fluctuates with hormonal changes with that bit of weight gain. I can feel when my blood pressure is up and when it is normal, yes, i am very sensitive to it. This product has really helped my symptoms and puts me at ease. I only use it when b/p goes up….i fluctuate between normal 120/72 and too high 140/90, i’m an odd bird hehehe!….this product evens me out to normal again!

  35. Peter Hirsch (verified owner)

    I have an arhythmic heart-beat, probably since birth. In my 50’s high blood pressure developed and became erratic. The arrhythmia has caused faints. Neither Lisinopril nor Lercanidipine seem to make much difference and I saw systolic pressures over 230. I have used Systolex for about 5 years and my blood pressure now stays within the range 130/70 – 170/85. If I stop taking it, my blood pressure begins to rise to dangerous levels and the arrhythmia gets worse. I regard Systolex as essential to life!
    Purmedica’s customer care is excellent.

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