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Are Thyroid Supplements or Thyroid Hormone Replacement Therapies Right for You?

The thyroid gland is a complex part of your body responsible for metabolizing your food and maintaining energy. When problems occur, you may notice different changes in your body such as unintentional weight loss or weight gain. Additionally you may experience problems with getting to sleep at night or having enough power to wake up in the morning. You may feel extremely cold or start sweating profusely. Having a thyroid that is not working properly can make life drastically uncomfortable and difficult.

Whether or not your thyroid is overactive or under-active, this important bodily function makes a difference in your daily routine. We at Purmedica offer Hypitrol to help assist your thyroid in keeping your body healthy. Other types of treatments may be required in certain hypothyroid cases that have been diagnosed by a medical care provider. In many instances of an under-active thyroid, doctors help treat thyroid disease with either thyroid supplements or thyroid hormone replacement.

Thyroid Support Supplements

Thyroid support supplements are designed to provide alternative means of achieving balanced thyroid function. Many of these supplements don’t require a doctor’s prescription. They also tend to be made from natural ingredients rather than harsh chemicals.


For those who are looking for a more natural way to assist their thyroid function, they may want to consider the following supplements:

  • Iodine – Supplementing your daily routine with a dose of iodine may help support your thyroid levels. In order to process hormones, your thyroid requires the addition of iodine that your body usually naturally makes. When there are problems, simply providing an additional source of iodine may help.

  • Selenium – Another popular ingredient to give your thyroid some help is selenium. If your body is deficient in this mineral, a supplement may help balance your levels and help your energy and weight return to its normal state.

  • Vitamin D – For people who suffer from thyroid issues due to autoimmune disorders, a regular dose of vitamin D may help. Many individuals don’t get the amount of this vitamin required each day and can benefit from additional support.

  • Zinc and Copper – Taking zinc and copper together may also help regulate hormone production, including ones coming from the thyroid. 


People who could most benefit from supplements either have a mild case of hypothyroidism or subclinical hypothyroidism. When a doctor makes a diagnosis, the key factor is what a person’s blood test indicates. If the thyroid stimulating hormone, or TSH, is high on the medical lab or provider’s scale, then a diagnosis can be made, no matter what symptoms are bothering an individual. Some people experience all of the symptoms of hypothyroidism, but their blood levels show normal levels of TSH. With this subclinical variation, your healthcare provider may not offer medication. That’s when thyroid supplements can be a solution.


Using thyroid supplements for severe cases of hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism may not be the best idea to get optimal support. It may also take some time to find the right combination of supplements that can help you feel your best. Be sure to consult with your doctor before treating your thyroid issues.

Thyroid Replacement Therapies

For those who have full blown hypothyroidism that has been confirmed by a blood test and the presence of higher than average levels of TSH, your doctor may recommend a thyroid replacement therapy. With this type of medication, the goal is to put thyroid hormones back into the body. Hypothyroidism means that your thyroid does not produce the necessary amount of hormone for your body. Replacement therapy can bring your levels back to normal.


When doctors prescribe thyroid replacement therapy, here are some of the options that may be available.

  • Synthetic Thyroid Replacements – This type of treatment recreates the T4 hormone using a synthetic source. Your doctor can work with you to determine the amount of medication that is needed in order to bring your levels up to the correct point.

  • Animal Thyroid Replacements – Some patients prefer a natural source of thyroid, which is found in a variety of medications that typically use dehydrated pig thyroid glands in the form of a pill.


Obtaining thyroid hormone replacement medicine is possible only through a partnership with your physician. Individuals who would most benefit from this type of treatment usually have traditionally diagnosed hypothyroidism, and they may require medication for the rest of their lives.


It may take some trial and error to get the right dosage of your medication. Some patients experience a variety of different symptoms as they find the right amount of medicine. Your doctor may routinely test your thyroid levels using your blood to determine if your medicine is working.

Finding the right treatment for your thyroid problems may require patience and time in order to get the perfect combination that offers relief from symptoms. At Purmedica we may be able to help you in your search for the best solution with our Hypitrol supplement. Elusive thyroid problems sometimes require creative problem solving in order to live your best life.