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10 Natural Ways to Remove Arthritis Caused by Uric Acid

blogImage_arthritisUricAcid_300x200pxAn unhealthy buildup of uric acid is just one reason a person might have arthritis. At PurMEDICA, we want to help you learn how to treat arthritis caused by uric acid the natural way in addition to with the help of our quality nutraceutical products. Before you sit down for your next meal, learn about 10 natural remedies that can help flush uric acid and arthritis from your joints and tissues.

1. Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar has long been used as a treatment for worn out joints. In order to get the most benefit, you’ll want to use the treatment regularly. You may be able to notice a difference in about a month.

To treat a buildup of uric acid with apple cider vinegar, you’ll want to soak either a clean cloth or a bandage in the liquid and wrap it around your arthritic joints. Repeat this in the morning and in the evening. If you like, you can also add two tablespoons of vinegar to a full cup of water at room temperature and consume the mixture once a day.

2. Pineapple

What makes pineapple so effective at reliving arthritis is that the fruit contains an inflammation-reducing enzyme called bromelain.  Not only is the plant good for relieving you of your arthritis and the associated pain, it’s also great for strengthening your wrists.

3. Burdock Root

If you suffer from intense gout attacks in addition to arthritis, try burdock root. The natural herbal remedy flushes toxins from your blood, effectively treats inflammation and helps get rid of uric acid through your urine. To use burdock root efficiently, add anywhere from 20 to 30 drops of a burdock root tincture to about nine ounces of water and drink it three or four times a day. To yield the best results, you’ll want to repeat the process for three days.

4. Calendula

Calendula is a Mediterranean plant that’s effective at strengthening the body against certain diseases and strengthening your wrists thanks to the many vitamins and minerals it contains. One of the great things about calendula is that you can use it several different ways. For instance, you can use the leaves to make a tea, make a calendula compress for arthritic joints or add it to your bath.

5. Lemon Juice

While you may be under the impression that lemon juice causes you to be more acidic, the truth is that the citrus fruit helps to balance levels of uric acid in the body. The way it’s able to do this is by creating an alkaline environment with vitamin C.

Squeeze the juice from a lemon into a cup of warm water and drink the mixture first thing in the morning before you drink or eat anything else. It’s best that you keep this practice up for several weeks to see results.

6. Parsley

Now you have a good reason to add more parsley as a seasoning to your meals. In addition to sprinkling it on dishes, you can also make parsley into a tea. To get the full benefits, combine the herb with mulberry juice. Consuming parsley on a regular basis helps to flush any uric acid that’s built up in your joints.

7. Water

Simply drinking more water also goes a long way in flushing uric acid from your body and helping you to balance your acid levels. By stimulating the kidneys, water helps to get rid of toxins that have built up in your body. You’ll want to drink at least three liters of water every day and eat foods that are known to have significant levels of water in them.

8. Ginger Root

Ginger root has significant anti-inflammatory properties that help treat swelling and pain. Anyone who likes variety will want to use the root to help treat arthritis and rich levels of uric acid. The root can be added to several different recipes, or you can eat it raw once a day. If you’ve got the ingredients on hand, you can also blend turmeric powder, fenugreek powder and dried ginger root together and add the mixture to a glass of warm water to drink twice a day. If you don’t have the ingredients, you can simply add a half teaspoon of ginger root to a single cup of boiling water and drink the mixture at least once a day.

9. Epsom Salt

The magnesium found in Epsom salt is what makes it effective at treating arthritis caused by uric acid. Even better, magnesium is also useful for lowering your blood pressure and improving your heart. To reap the full benefits, add two cups of Epsom salt to warm bathwater and soak yourself until the water starts cooling. This treatment should be done once a week, but if your arthritis is especially bad, you’ll want to soak anywhere from two to three times a week.

10. Cherries

The antioxidants and anthocyanins found in both sweet and sour cherries are great for treating a buildup of uric acid, lowering inflammation and reducing your chances of having a gout attack. You can simply drink a glass of black cherry juice every day, adding a few cloves of minced garlic to it, if you like. If you have extreme gout, you should eat at least 15 cherries every day, preferably starting at the very beginning of your day.

Bonus: Urcinol

Urcinol is designed to flush out excess uric acid from the body.  Many people continue taking Urcinol long after a gout flare up has subsided to keep their body metabolizing uric acid.  The natural diuretics also assist in removing the uric acid waste from the body.

Not only should you focus on what you eat for the way it tastes, you should also be aware of your food’s health benefits. PurMEDICA is here to help treat your arthritis with nutraceutical supplements and effective natural treatments.